Welcome to Omaango Festival

Upcoming Festival - 03 June 2023 at Ohamautsi
(Please call +264816600333 or +264811403388)

Omaango (Omagongo) is a traditional “wine” from the areas where Marula’s tree grows. It is produced with the juice obtained from the fruits of Marula left to ferment in appropriate terracotta containers for three days. Due to different Oshiwambo dialects it is also spelled Omaango, Omaongo and Omagongo. This year the festival will be hosted by Ombalantu Traditional Authority on Saturday, 03 June 2023 at Chief Oswin Mukulu’s Homestead at Ohamautsi. A 10-minute drive from Outapi both sedans and bakkies can easily reach the village. In 2018 it was hosted by Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority, while in 2019 the event took place at Ongandjera Traditional Authority’s palace.

Namibia’s Marula festival is recognized on UNESCO’s list of
intangible cultural heritage for Humanity.

UNESCO’s website describes Omagongo Festival as follows:

The Oshituthi shomagongo, marula fruit festival is a celebration that lasts two to three days between March and April, uniting the eight Aawambo communities of northern Namibia through the consumption of omagongo, a beverage made from marula fruit. In preparation for the festival, men carve wooden goblets and small serving gourds, and tools from cattle horns to pierce the fruit. Meanwhile, women make the baskets and clay pots used for processing omagongo, gather the ripened fruit with the help of young people, and extract and ferment the juice in clay pots for two to seven days.

During the process, they discuss issues that affect them, such as family problems, sing traditional songs, recite poems and share knowledge about basketry and pottery-making. Processing the marula fruits brings old and young people together to share knowledge and skills, which are transmitted informally through observation, active participation and emulation. Once the fermentation process is complete, community members and guests are served omagongo and traditional cuisine. The festival is a relaxed social gathering during which communities and guests socialize, sing and dance, and men recite histories.


Facebook Photo Albums: Ongandjera Traditional Authority – 27 April 2019

Ongandjera – Omagongo Facebook Album

Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority – Omagongo Festival 26 May 2018

Uukwaluudhi – Omagongo Facebook Album